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What is graduate school worth to you? Why are you considering graduate school? Have you really thought about the reasons for attending, the costs involved, and what other options you might have available? What kinds of options are there for students going back to school?


Many individuals find that their work and life experience have provided them with many skills that could translate well to college credit if they know how to find those options. Some students can reduce their time in school by taking challenge exams for necessary coursework. Some courses can be eliminated by building a professional portfolio. If graduate school is the option you’re leaning toward, make sure you fully think through the costs.


Depending on what field you go into, how you finance your degree, whether you go full-time or part-time, and many other factors, you may find that you’ll be paying off your graduate school for quite a while after you graduate. Some students will find that the ultimate cost isn’t worth it for them and that the option to buy degree online is a better choice for them. Here’s an example of the costs possible in getting a graduate degree. These costs are just an example and may not be representative.


  1. Salary – before graduate school, but after receiving your bachelor’s degree: $30,000.
  2. Program Duration: Graduate school may last 2 years or more, depending on the program and how quickly you go through it. Let’s assume it takes you 3 years.
  3. Total tuition: $50,000 total for two years, plus $25,000 additional for extra semesters.
  4. Cost of education: If you’re not working during graduate school, you’ll have lost any wages you would have made. (3 years @ $30,000 = $90,000)
  5. Cost of living: Let’s say that your basic bills including food, rent, car insurance, gas, and other living expenses total about $1,500/month depending on your specific situation. That makes the cost 3 yrs x 12 mo/yr x $1500 = $54,000.
  6. Salary after graduation: $60,000—twice what you made before graduate school.


So what did graduate school cost? You’ve paid $75,000 in tuition. You’ve lost 3 x $30,000 in earnings = $90,000. You’ve spent $54,000 in living expenses. That’s a cost of $194,000.

If you continue to live on your graduate school budget of $1500/mo, how long will it take you to pay off $194K, plus interest? Don’t forget you’ll be paying income tax on $60,000 and you’ll probably want to give up the graduate school lifestyle eventually. Is it worth it to you? Or is the better option for you to consider the option to buy degree online through Buy Life Experience Degree.

There are many reasons why individuals determine graduate school is important for them. Some careers require a graduate degree. Some individuals need the intellectual challenge that graduate school provides. Ultimately, you have to decide what’s important to you, and whether you need to pursue a degree, or buy degree online.

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