15 Reasons to Buy PhD Degree Online, and NOT Go to Graduate School


  1. People who buy Buy PhD degree OnlineCompetition! Graduate school is very difficult, highly competitive and fosters a spirit of competition rather than cooperation.
  2. You want to live in the real world. Graduate students can often develop a “professional student mindset, perhaps as a way to avoid job interviews. Who can blame them, right?
  3. Different priorities. Graduate school requires the ability to set aside the priorities that most people have in life, such as family, spouse, children, leisure time, and often anything that doesn’t involve academics. Not only is this difficult for the student, but also on personal relationships and family. For some, it makes more sense to buy a PhD. degree online, and prioritize yourself and the important things in life!
  4. Family stress. If you’re married or have children, your time with them will become very limited. Opportunities like research assistant positions that include tuition and housing may not take your family into account for accommodations. If you need to move for graduate school, your spouse may have to find a new job and children will be uprooted from their schools.
  5. Personal stress. Graduate school is emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausting. It requires great stamina and commitment.
  6. Thesis, dissertation or capstone. Many graduate programs require a substantial writing and/or research project to be done for graduation. Depending on the type of program you’re in and the requirements, it may take one term or several years. Some Ph.D. programs limit students to 7 or 10 years to complete a dissertation, and students have been known to take the full time allowed!
  7. Emotional support. Many people lack the personal support network they need to get through the demands of a graduate program.
  8. Time. Graduate school can take 2 to 10 years of your life. Some students are able to finish quickly, but you may have to take time off to work, or for personal reasons, or you may need to go to school part-time. Your committee chair may be very picky about your research and writing, so you have to revise things over and over. The process can be costly in time and resources.
  9. Financial costs. Graduate school can be expensive, especially if you don’t take a traditional full-time route. Some students are able to get scholarships, fellowships, grants, or assistant jobs that waive tuition, but for many students, student loan debt mounts rather quickly over the course of graduate school. You can reduce the time and expense by choosing to buy a PhD. degree online.
  10. Debt. As previously mentioned, graduate school can be very expensive! Student loan debt is a big financial issue for many students in today’s economy.
  11. Higher Salary? Maybe not! In today’s tough economy, a degree certainly doesn’t hurt your chances of getting a well-paying job, but it’s not the instant edge that it once was. In some areas, there is now a dearth of candidates with higher degrees like MBAs. This isn’t always the case, but is the gamble worth the cost?
  12. ROI. With the costs involved in financing your education, even if your job search is wildly successful and you land your dream job, it can still take a while to pay off enough of your student loan debt to begin to see a change in lifestyle due to the higher paying job.
  13. Not enough jobs. If you have a specific type of position in mind with your education, you might find that you have a hard time finding a job. For instance, it is more difficult right now than ever before to find a job in teaching or academia. That may soon be changing, at least for teaching positions, but for now, many PhDs have had to be more creative in their job search and accept jobs that weren’t what they originally intended to do after graduation.
  14. You want me to move where? Job offers might not be in the most desirable locations, for you or your family. Will your spouse be able to find a job there? How are the schools for your kids? How far will you be from your family?
  15. Overqualified. In an economic downturn, you may find yourself having to apply for jobs that people without your degree are well-qualified for. In that case, you might be turned down because you’re *too* well-qualified. Employers are wary of hiring people with too much education beyond what is needed, in case they decide to move on quickly when something better comes along.


Buy PhD degree Online

People who buy Buy PhD degree Online

There are many reasons why you might not want to attend graduate school, but if you find you still want that degree for your own personal reasons, the option to buy a PhD. degree online is still available!

An honorary professorship is an award given by a university to a person who has bestowed dedicated service and contributions to the institution.


He/She may be a teacher, a visiting lecturer, or a researcher who has served the whole university community with excellence and sincerity.

Why an honorary professorship?

There is a set of criteria imposed on how to earn an honorary professorship.  Those appointed with that award must satisfy the standards of the school.  This individual may not be a member of the academic world but must still have made a great contribution to the school.  Being chosen as an honorary professor is a great honor.  Honorary professors enjoy many privileges such as being a keynote lecturer, a researcher, and receiving an honorarium from the school annually.

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