How a Degree Program Can Improve Your Life 

  • Job opportunities: A higher education degree program can help you get a job, or a better job, and also give
    Degree program

    Business people discussing about degree program

    you more options if you want to change jobs or job locations. What’s more, your degree program can help you move up in your current career.

  • Job security: Unemployment is lower among college-educated workers. You’re more likely to find and keep a job, and if you should lose your job, you’ll find a new one quicker than someone without a degree program.
  • More money: According to economists, those with at least an undergraduate degree earn higher wages over their lifetimes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a person with a bachelor’s degree can earn as much as a $1 million more over a lifetime than someone with just a high school diploma.
  • Stability for a family: Not only will you make more money over your life, and improve your social possibilities, but studies show that children with at least one parent who attended a degree program are more likely to attend college themselves.
  • Better health: Studies show that people with higher education tend to be more health conscious – they smoke less, exercise more, eat more nutritiously, and because they tend to get better jobs, have better access to medical care via employer-provided medical insurance. This is good for not only you, but also your family.
  • Health/Fitness Facilities: Gyms, tracks, workout rooms, exercise classes, bowling facilities, pools, tennis courts, racquetball courts, even curling! Colleges and universities have a wide variety of health and fitness opportunities available, both as classes and for use on your own time. Where else can you get top-notch gym access for free or very low cost?
  • Community involvement: People with higher education tend to vote more, volunteer for socially oriented organizations at a local, national, and even global level, donate more to socially conscious causes, and do more good for society.
  • School Spirit: While you’re attending your degree program, you’ll have access to low-cost sporting events. You can attend a basketball or football game.They are fun, and a good way to meet other students and get involved, even if you’re only going to classes in the evenings or on weekends.
  • Lost Cost/Free Entertainment: Theater, movies, and concerts, all free or low cost. Thanks to your activity fee, there are many entertainment options to enjoy on campus. Take advantage of a few and enrich your life and your college degree program.
  • Historical Experience: Many colleges have compiled impressive and unusual archives and museums. If you love history, or just checking out the strange things that archivists collect, visit your college museum or archives. You never know what you’ll find, like the college in Iowa that has a collection of skeletons!
  • Speakers and lecturers: Colleges are often the site of big guest events, from political guests to literary giants, some of the most interesting people you’ll ever get a chance to hear speak will be found at your campus. You might find your biggest life inspiration there!