You’re doing your degree work: What else is there to do?

  • Hang out in the Library. Not only is there a ton of great information to help you with your degree work,
    degree work

    People talking about degree work

    but college libraries can also have some amazingly interesting special archives and historical items. Some even have associated museums!

  • Enjoy the free internet. Just about anywhere you go on campus, you’ll find a great internet connection that is free for you to use. Don’t have a laptop? Check out the computers in the computer resource center!
  • Enjoy the free fitness facilities. Gyms, pools, tracks, perhaps even racquetball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, badminton anyone? Get a game going and use some of your other muscles, besides that big brain!
  • Join a team or two. You might not make the pros, but you can still get into the school spirit and enjoy working out with the team while you do your degree work.
  • It’s all Greek to me! Join a fraternity or sorority. Many are very invested in academia, social service and helping charities. Fraternity and sorority brothers and sisters can be lifetime friends and important connections in your later career.
  • Join student organizations. There are a plethora of campus organizations you can get involved with to inspire you and feed your passions outside of your degree work.
  • Take some off-the-wall electives that are totally unrelated to your degree work. You may never have an opportunity to explore topics like this again. Enjoy it now while you have the chance.
  • Learn a new language, or an ancient one! Where else can you learn a dead language?
  • Join the debate team, or sit in the student union and debate other students informally! Learn to question, think critically, listen to others’ opinions, form opinions of your own and defend them logically. Learn what you know and what you need to know to be able to defend your ideas.
  • Get two degrees! When you’ve satisfied your general education requirements for one bachelor’s degree, it’s easier to get a second. If your first degree doesn’t get you quite all the skill set you feel you need for the career you have in mind, fill it out with that second degree.
  • Retired? Cut back to fewer hours now that the kids are gone and your expenses are lower? Go back to college and get a degree in what you really want to know about rather than what you need to know to pay the bills. Knowledge is always worth having, at any age.
  • Stay involved on campus via working with the Alumni Association. Stay connected, meet new students, be a mentor and be for someone else the important person your mentor was for you.
  • Stay connected to your Alma Mater via social media. It’s cheaper than the Alumni Association, and you may reconnect with friends you haven’t seen in years or even decades!
  • Recreate yourself. When you start fresh at a new campus, you can be whoever you want to be. Take a new view of life and try something new. You may find you like being a new you.
  • Make memories that will last. Don’t forget to spend time doing things that you love, getting to know people, laughing and joking, trying new things, daring to be who you want to be. This time will never come again. Make the most of it.

Spend a little time each day focusing on yourself, your thoughts, what you’re learning and experiencing, and reflecting on what is important.

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A professor is a faculty member of a university or college with the highest academic rank.

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