Why should I get a degree?


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There are so many good reasons to get a degree! Here are 11! 11? Yes, this list goes to 11.

  1. Money! College graduates make more money than workers with no college degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  2. Choices! More jobs available means you get to be pickier when you’re looking for jobs.
  3. Knowledge! You’ll be better prepared for so many things in your life as a result of the broad education you receive as an undergraduate.
  4. Resilience! College degrees help prepare you for the inevitable pitfalls and scrapes and bruises of life. When times get tough, you’ll have resources that you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t gone to college, including (see #1!)
  5. Marketability! Your degree will give you choices and open doors. The early jobs and the experience you get on the early jobs will open more doors, making you even more marketable. See how that works?
  6. Elementary! Like Sherlock Holmes, you’ll learn to think critically, deduce, and reason. Well, maybe more like Watson.
  7. Justice! Be an agent of social justice and change. A college degree is often required by organizations that serve public needs. Besides the possibilities after you graduate, college is a great place to get involved in volunteering, and volunteer work looks great on a resume!
  8. Resources! Not only will you be better off financially, but college is a time to build networks that will help you later in life. Your roommate, study buddy, volunteer friend, and that cute student 3 seats down in history may someday be your lawyer, favorite football player, Senator, and spouse! The president of the Alumni association you join may be your first employer. You never know who the person you meet today will be in your life 10 years from now!
  9. Opportunity! Right now you’re just thinking about getting through the next 4 years or so, getting a good job, and living your life, but maybe someday you’ll want to go to graduate school. If you have your undergraduate degree, you’ll be ready to pursue your next dream, whatever it may be.
  10. Pride! Whether you’re the first in your family to graduate or your family is all Doctors, you’ll know that you’ve accomplished something when you finish your degree. It may be just the first step in your educational journey, or it may be as far as you want to go, but either way, it shows the ability to plan, study, focus, and complete a difficult and sometimes arduous task.
  11. Ripples! Did I get you with that one? It’s easy to think about the benefits that college has on us personally, but did you know that it can also have a huge benefit for your (potential) children? You’ve seen all the benefits you can have that will impact your future home, creating a better life and social structure for your children, but studies show that when at least one parent of a child has a college degree, that child is more likely to go to college also and successfully obtain their degree. You can be proud knowing that, even if you were the first in your family to go to college, it’s likely you won’t be the last. College can be a legacy that will ripple down through generations for many decades to come.

Get your degree now to excel in the job market

Professional diploma in:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Advertising
  • Business and Administration
  • Communication and Public Relation
  • Dental Practice Management
  • Early Childhood Care
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Strategic IT
  • Teaching

Why a professional diploma?

A professional diploma is designed for working professionals.  Usually, it only takes weeks to finish and can be offered online.  A professional diploma is more concentrated to your specialization.  This can be a great alternative for PhD degrees if you want fast qualification and promotion.

A guide for your master’s degree programs

There are so many master’s degree programs that are been offered currently in various institutions of higher learning. One may find it very challenging especially when making a choice on what to do and what not to do. As an undergraduate student who is looking forward to advancing your education by getting a master degree, you will need to consider the right choice carefully so you have no regrets afterward. This article provides a guide to help you choose your master’s degree programs.


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