Master Degree Online Program

By July 7, 2016Accredited College

Master Degree Online Program

–Why Return to School

Have you been laid off or are you worried about outsourcing? Are you worried that the harsh economy and downsizing will affect your job? Consider going back to college! If you consider your options carefully, you can think of careers that are resistant to outsourcing because they require an in-person presence, and careers that are needed, even in an economic downturn.

Assess yourself and research career interests before you enroll. It’s great to consider the careers you think will make the most money, but it’s also important to think about what you will enjoy the most, especially if you are returning for a master’s degree online program.

Chart a path for your ultimate career goal. Will you be able to do what you want after completing your master’s degree online program, or will you need to continue on to get a license or certification? Will you need to complete a Ph.D. program? Can you get started working in the new field with the master’s degree while you finish a Ph.D. program?

Get credit for life and work experience. There are a number of ways to get life experience credits, including challenge exams such as CLEP and DSST, professional portfolios, and degrees that are all life experience, life those you can obtain at Buy Life Experience Degree.

Test out of courses, saving the time and effort.

Change career directions and find your way through further education.

Whether or not you are unemployed, thinking about a career change is an opportunity to reconsider your interests and goals. You may find that you end up doing work that is quite different than you’re doing currently if you really think about your interests and how it intersects with your experience, education, and goals.

If you have become unemployed or you are considering changing careers, consider your options for additional education.

Should I go back to college?

There are many good reasons to consider master’s degree online programs. An article in USA Today reported “…the Obama administration is encouraging states to change their rules so that laid-off workers can enroll in college without giving up unemployment benefits. Ordinarily, states require individuals who are collecting unemployment to look for a new job, which is difficult to do if you’re attending college.” President Obama and his administration recognize that education is necessary for employees to help themselves become resistant to economic downturns. The Obama administration created a website primarily for unemployed workers who want to go back to school – The website provides a way for unemployed workers to apply for resources to go back to school.

Some other things to consider:

Some students spread their education out over a number of years while sampling classes from different subjects.

Some students may be able to receive credit for work experience or professional training.

Many military personnel can receive credit for their service and training. The American Council on Education has a formal review process where they make credit recommendations for training and work experience outside of the classroom. These recommendations are published for institutions to use in the awarding of credit.


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