Benefits of a PhD in Education Online

  1. One on one instruction: A common misconception is that students do not get enough interaction with instructors when they get a PhD in Education online.
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    However, studies show that students get as much or more interaction with both instructors and other students. Instructors often have office hours when they can be reached by phone, and they can also be reached email, or may have other ways to communicate, such as question and answer sessions.

  2. Flexibility: May students today who are pursuing a PhD in Education online have a need for a flexible schedule. They have jobs, families, and other obligations that prevent them from attending classes or studying on a traditional schedule. Since many online programs are asynchronous, it’s possible to view lectures, read and post on discussion threads with other students, and study at any time of day.
  3. Scholarships: Scholarships aren’t just for traditional students. There are many scholarships available that a quick online search will bring up. Your school financial aid office may also be able to help, and there are services to help students find all the financial help that is available to them.
  4. A variety of programs and courses: There are so many programs and specializations that students can get online today, from fully online to part online/part in person, to fully brick and mortar. Educational experts are always working on new ways to make online courses more effective. A PhD in Education online has become a popular new way to advance a career in academics.
  5. Lower total costs: A PhD in Education online can be much less expensive than a traditional enrollment in a brick and mortar university. Even if the tuition itself is not less expensive, many associated costs such as campus housing, commuting or parking costs, or even textbooks are less expensive.
  6. More comfortable learning environment: Learning from home or whatever environment you find most conducive to learning is a great benefit. It may be at home in your pajamas, especially on a snowy winter night when you can feel especially grateful to be able to skip the commute. It may be at a favorite coffee shop where the music and conversation around you are lively enough to keep your mind active and engaged on more than one level while you study. Or it may be at the public library, a more traditional learning environment, but one that works for many students at some point in their college career.
  7. Alternative Methods to earn credit: Many online colleges allow students to transfer credits earned through massive open online courses (MOOCs) or challenge exams, which can significantly reduce tuition costs. Some of the types of challenge exams available are:
    • College Level Exam Program (CLEP): CLEP exams cover over 30 undergraduate single subject exams and 5 broad freshman level exams. Each of the single subject exams allows students to test on the material covered in one course. If the test is passed, they receive credit for that course, such as College Algebra, Spanish 101, and Introduction to Psychology.
    • DSST Standardized Subject Tests: DSST originally began as DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-traditional Educational Support). DSST covers 38 subject-specific exams on the topics of business, social science, humanities, math and the physical sciences.
    • Excelsior College Credit by Exam: Excelsior is a distance learning college in New York State. Many students who earn credits by exam are also working toward a distance undergraduate degree with Excelsior, but other colleges also accept credits earned from Excelsior. They offer nearly 50 exams in the arts and sciences, business, nursing, and education.

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